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Interchains is your 4PL service provider when it comes to insight and control of your logistics. Through our Control Tower, Calculator and Consultancy service we bring order in logistical goods flows, processes and data. We distinguish ourselves through fast and customer specific solutions. Thanks to our service and connection capacity, we get the best out of your logistics together with you.

Logistics Control Tower

As a neutral party, Interchains handles logistic processes from A to Z. By placing the Control Tower above the supply chain, a central source of information is created. Through connections via EDI and a web portal, the Control Tower provides the chain with the right information. Based on all the information collected, Interchains makes the chain transparent and provides manageable processes. The Control Tower ensures better cooperation with your customers and suppliers, makes processes manageable, provides real-time insight and optimizes your goods flows in the long term.

Logistics Calculator

By a combination of ICT and logistics you are no longer dependent on all your separate rates lists. Interchains can provide insight into transport tariffs within 48 hours through the Logistics Calculator. By digitizing rates and conditions, a quick comparison of carriers, carriers and rail operators is possible.
The outsourcing of data management to Interchains has the advantage that a lot of time is saved on manually entering tariffs. In addition, the error rate is reduced by automatically reading in rates in all formats. Comparing all freight rates has never been easier!

De interchains calculator geeft inzicht in alle tarieven
Interchains brengt uw logistiek in beweging

Logistics Consultancy

Technology is important for the transport sector, especially to compete. Interchains can help with a fresh look at logistics and ICT with the improvement of internal and external logistics processes. By jointly developing the right strategy and mapping the current situation, we help customers to make their processes robust and future-proof.

The challenge of setting up the Logistic Control Tower and Calculator enables quick and effective process and network analysis. Interchains strives for a joint win within the supply chain by mapping opportunities early and making rapid steps from within the organization. Quick wins with a long-term vision help companies now and in the future.

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