About Interchains

The Interchains logistics control tower connects carriers and shippers through smart ICT innovation. The control tower uses highly sophisticated software, especially developed in close collaboration with software provider Adaption. It guarantees the secure and reliable exchange of data and provides a highly convenient, transparent user environment.

Derk Klaver and Lodewijk Hermans are experts at Interchains, and they will be more than happy to tell you more about this innovative ICT system with which you can optimise your logistical processes. Many of the operations are performed remotely, but we fully acknowledge the importance of personal advice and guidance. Logistical requirements obviously vary from company to company, and Interchains will gladly visit you for a detailed explanation on how the control tower works in your situation and how your organisation will benefit from it.

Derk Klaver

Derk Klaver

Business Developer Interchains

“I have always had a passion for transport and logistics, even as a child. I remember sitting on the front of my mother’s bicycle and learning all of the lorry brands by heart. That passion has never subsided.

My education, vocational and subsequently higher vocational, enabled me to acquire experience with logistics at various levels. I still have a special interest in goods transport and its coordination.
During my vocational studies I obtained my business diploma, which enabled me to start a company of my own later in life.

As it turns out, I started immediately after completing my graduation research. The incorporation of Interchains further enhanced my interest for chain collaboration and supply chain management.

In performing my daily activities I look for solutions with which to further increase efficiency within the logistics chain and with which chain-related problems can be prevented. Please contact us if you want to get to know us.

An informative meeting is easily arranged."

Lodewijk Hermans

Lodewijk Hermans

Account Manager

"From my education in IT and subsequent business management master at the IVA I started my career within the IT market. After a number of years of experience I have made the step to the logistic market.

My background within the IT market and my relevant educations come together in a good manor within the Interchains logistics control tower. The ability to combine the two main points makes it possible to highlight the right and relevant key factors.

I find it challenging to work together with companies and look for opportunities to organize processes more efficiently and in the long run save costs. By establishing a good cooperation with the customer, long-term collaborations can be set up which allows for big cost reduction results.

Would you like to talk about the possibilities for better organization of the logistic processes? Please contact us for an introductory meeting."

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