Compare carriers with the calculator

You have a shipment from Germany to the Netherlands, for which you want to calculate a transport price as quickly as possible. Fortunately, you have agreements with different carriers, but unfortunately every transporter uses his own quotation model. Comparing all surcharges, freight rates and transit times is a time-consuming job. Interchains has the solution for quickly comparing carriers, the calculator.

In the calculator you determine the desired destinations, quantities and modality. Based on your own appointments you have a quick overview of all possibilities. This way the freight rate of the next shipment is calculated and you have time for other matters.

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Calculator benefits

  • Compare multiple carriers in 1 screen

  • Periodically updated rates

  • Calculate rates in foreign currency

Working method

We provide personal log-in details for the calculator. This means that customer data will only remain visible to the customer. The processing of rates and surcharges takes place within the customer’s own environment. When new rates are available, we will receive them by e-mail. We then process the rates by means of scanning and recognition into csv files that the system reads. This method makes it possible to process 80% of the data without processing the source data. As a result, the chance of incorrect input is reduced to a minimum.

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De interchains calculator geeft inzicht in alle tarieven

Frequently Asked Questions

Which file format is supported?

We can import Excel, Word, PDF, CSV and all other non-protected document types.

Does the calculator support part-shipment and complete shipments?

We support both scale based rates and all-in rates. A tariff can be found based on the desired trip and cargo.

How does Interchains get my rates?

Tariffs can be sent to us, but we can also request tariffs for you from your carriers.

When is the exchange rate determined?

The exchange rate is determined on the first of the month. For this the average last month price is maintained.

Who can see my rates?

All rates are only made visible to the owner of the rates. By working with protected environments, another person will have no insight into the tariffs of another person.

Do I have access to my rates anywhere?

Yes, rates are stored in the Adaption Cloud. This means that rates can be reached from any location.