Interchains your 4PL service provider

Logistics projects demand a lot of time and energy from a company. Hiring external consultants offers a solution. As a neutral 4PL service provider Interchains supports both shippers and carriers with logistical comparison and optimization projects. A fresh look at ICT and logistics combined with a quick, thorough and personal approach makes the Interchains offer unique.

Our Control Tower and Calculator enable a structured and clear way of working. Through our cloud environment we can quickly switch and respond to recent questions. Do you have an ICT and logistics related problem? We are happy to help you.

Interchains brengt uw logistiek in beweging

We will help you with:

Carrier Selection

Do you have a complete shipment profile for your next tender? To optimally compare hauliers, it is important to have a shipment profile. Interchains selects the suitable carriers on based on this profile. This prevents the desired level of service and saving from a tender not being achieved.

Rate Management

Quickly determine the transport costs for the next shipment? Interchains easily collects, structures and presents all rates in the Calculator. Comparing transporters has never been easier.

Shipment Consolidation

Interchains combines shipments by using the Control Tower. As a result, transport can be purchased more economically, the load capacity is also better utilized, which makes for a more positive environmental contribution.

Transport Tendering

Is your tender procedure a clear process? Tenders cost a lot of time and resources due to the lack of structure and systems. Interchains is able to handle tenders in a structured manner. The control tower platform makes it possible to digitally purchase tenders. Based on the shipment profile and supplier criteria, carriers will be selected for more than just the rate.

Supplier Assessment

Are your contracts in line with your customer’s wishes? The periodic assessment of suppliers makes it possible to use selection criteria for a subsequent tender. The suppliers are then periodically assessed on the defined KPIs.

Network Research

Do you have a plan B when your supply chain is disrupted? Interchains advises shippers on the use of different modalities. Here we distinguish three different scenarios. These are the As-is, What-if and Should-be scenarios. With these we provide a plan B and an optimization of logistics flows in the longer term.