Control Tower voor delen logistieke data

The Logistics Control Tower concept explained

What is a Control Tower and what are the functions of a Control Tower? In the past few years the trade press has written enough about Control Tower, but how does Interchains see this?

This article explains what a Logistic Control Tower is to fully understand the Logistics Control Tower concept. In this article we described why a Control Tower is an advantage for your logistic services and what a Control Tower consist of. Finally, we explained when the use of a Logistic Control Tower is interesting and the benefits.

What is a Logistics Control Tower?

The base of the Control Tower is an intelligent software package that is developed to convert large amounts of data into usable information. By collecting and distributing information, the Control Tower is a central information point within one supply chain or between multiple supply chains.

Interchains provides the Control Tower as an instrument to manage logistic flows within your supply chain. By rising above your supply chain, we keep an overview of all logistics activities, performances and disturbances. By combining all the logistics data with the Control Tower tools it will be possible to:

  • Gain visibility into your logistics processes;
  • Prepare scenarios for the future;
  • Invent solutions to avoid issues;
  • Establish partnerships within supply chains.

“Insights within your supply chain makes it possible to respond directly to changing circumstances throughout the transport.”

Why a Control Tower?

The task of the Control Tower is to control information flows. Within the supply chain we differentiate two types of information:

  1. Control Information
  2. Accountability information

The control information makes it possible to control processes, by giving transport orders and making payments. By means of accountability information, the Control Tower KPI dashboard gives insights about the processes and flows within the supply chain. With these insights you are able to analyze your processes and further optimize your logistical services.

To provide all parties in the supply chain with the information that is important to them, the Control Tower uses one standardized message form. In order to provide direct messaging to other systems, the software is designed to be easily linked. By using only one source of information throughout the entire chain, the chance of miscommunication and incorrect information is reduced.

“KPI reports and dashboards provide information to define supply chain targets.”

What does a Control Tower consist of?

In addition to the smart software, the Control Tower consists of several fixed processes. These processes are controlled by Interchains, because we understand these processes like no other.

The Control Tower is not directly linked to one supply chain, therefore we work according to multiple scenarios and management by exception. By overseeing multiple supply chains, the software analyzes the possibilities to combine multiple shipments and the use of multimodal transport. Based on several parameters, for example: lead time, costs, service and the risk of disturbance, we are looking for the most optimal solution for every transport.

The Logistics Control Tower is accessible to all supply chain parties. By using an online web portal, which is hosted in the cloud, logistics information is always and everywhere accessible.

At what point is an Control Tower interesting?

Interchains believes in the added value of cooperation and optimizing together. To experience the benefits you do not have to be an worldwide cooperation with multiple sites.

The use of the Control Tower can be interesting of you are dealing with:

  • High dependency on logistic providers;
  • Comparing and selecting suppliers is an time consuming business;
  • Export and transportation are not part of your core business;
  • Dealing with issues do to the lack of information;
  • Your transport is being affected by different customers.

“By only using one source of information within the supply chain the change of miscommunication and false information will be reduced.”

 What are the benefits of the Control Tower?

Because all the data is centralized and transparent the Control Tower creates insight in the supply chain.

Insight in the supply chains makes it possible to quickly react on changing circumstances during the complete transport process.  Drawing up different scenarios based on the collected information makes it possible to react as fast as possible to unavoidable disruptions. Reporting’s helps with setting goals in your supply chain. Witch the better possibility for measurement the supply chain processes will optimized and logistics cost can be reduced.

The results when using the Control Tower are:

  • Real time insight in the supply chain;
  • Your logistic is organized according solid processes;
  • Single and clear sharing of information;
  • Being able to quickly react to the circumstances;
  • Reduce your logistic costs
  • Enhanced cooperation within your supply chain.

More information?

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of the Control Tower in your supply chain? Please contact us or request an demo on site.