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Whitepaper: The Interchains Control Tower

Nowadays we almost do everything online, from shopping, to booking a holiday or keeping in touch with our family. But why is almost all transport still arranged by telephone, e-mail and even the fax?

In the recent years many supply chains have become more complex due to the use of internet. Nowadays consumers are able to view your inventory online and can order directly. Usually the communication that comes with this happens via many mails between standalone systems. To keep an overview, many companies use long and unclear excel sheets. The disadvantage of the sheets is that they are never up-to-date and cannot be used for direct import into a WMS or TMS system.

You are trying to keep track of your supply chain through dashboards. Most of the times these are composed on data that is present in your system. But who says that this data always matches the data of your customers and suppliers? Giving direction and working together therefore remains a difficult point. Especially to see the benefits together if you do not have the same data.

Visibility in your flows of information

To really understand the opportunities for collaboration all supply chain partners have to use the same data. Interchains can help you by offering the neutral and online Logistics Control Tower.

To give you guidance we composed the whitepaper “The Logistics Control Tower”.

Interchains is always prepared to assist you with creating visibility in your supply chain, please feel free to contact us.

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