Worried about transport?

Logistical processes are becoming increasingly complex. Does your organisation also spend too much time on gaining insight into transports? Is information hard to find, and do you communicate with customers and carriers through different channels? If so, then ascertaining the status of your consignments is never easy. And it might be unclear who has or has not paid you.

Your logistics department lacks the time for a solution

Transport and logistics could be made more efficient, but your organisation simply does not have time or the human resources to get the job done. Your logistics department is too busy dealing with operational issues, such as:

  • requesting offers and planning the various carriers
  • solving problems (delays) during transport
  • preparing documents
  • invoicing
  • handling complaints

You rely on a variety of carriers with different levels of performance, but the requirements of your customers keep getting tougher. Customers require immediate answers to document-related questions and questions about transport status. This generates a constant flow of communication and data, and the pressure on your logistics department increases.

Order in the chaos of transport

Interchains takes care of all of your logistical burdens for you. What you don’t want is the hassle of organising transport, but you do want to keep track and maintain overview. How can you solve that?

By using a supply chain control tower to create a cloud-based logistics department. The control tower organises transports from a central point, including all documents, invoicing and communication.

The software applied in the Interchains control tower is linked to your existing systems, which gives you a uniform, centralised platform that provides convenient and user-friendly access to all information. Interchains will be more than happy to explain the possibilities to you in detail.

Interchains is your personal logistic services provider

If you have no transport of your own, Interchains is the perfect independent matchmaker. Interchains monitors the performance of carriers, so that you can be assured of the best possible transport for your goods. What’s more, real-time insight within your secured, protected platform means that you keep your costs down and controllable.

How does it benefit me?

  • Real-time insight into the transport chain. The logistical data of your organisation are made available within a protected environment and can be filtered in detail.
  • Invoices can be bundled via the portal in convenient summary invoices.
  • We take care of things As a logistics expert, Interchains provides support and advice in the selection and tendering of your carriers. We can make the price/quality comparisons for you. We also deal with all documentation.
  • Cost reduction Interchains brings demand and supply together online. Because we can bundle transports, larger volumes and sharper prices become possible.
  • Quick response to problems Delays and other calamities are visible in the portal. Interchains finds solutions, you save time finding them yourself.

We’ll be more than happy to visit you and inform you about the possibilities.