Concerns about transportation?

Shipping goods is not an incidental task for most companies. Logistical processes are becoming more and more complex. How much time do you spend on arranging transport, invoices and documents on average?

Optimize logistics

Transport and logistics can be more efficient, but there is often a lack of time and people to design more efficient processes. Crucial information is lost so that the status of shipments cannot be traced. Customers will have to wait a long time for an answer and the logistics performance will deteriorate.

Increasing logistics requirements

You are depending on different carriers who are performing in varying ways, while your customers are constantly setting higher demands. The increase of wishes and requirements makes your logistical planning a challenge. When you have no insight into the performance of your carriers and the wishes of the customer, there is no match to been made.

Order in the chaos of transport

Interchains takes care of all of your logistical burdens for you. What you don’t want is the hassle of organising your national and international transport, but you do want to keep track and maintain overview. How can you solve that?

By creating a supply chain control tower in your supply chain, you create a central point of contact. The control tower consists of software, processes and agreements that ensure that transports and communication flows are organized. Responding quickly to emerging situations and opportunities becomes easy.

The software applied in the Interchains control tower is linked to your existing financial, ERP and CRM systems, which gives you a uniform, centralised platform that provides convenient and user-friendly access to all information. Interchains will be more than happy to explain the possibilities to you in detail.

Interchains is your personal logistic services provider

Without its own transport material but with a modern logistics system and the necessary knowledge, Interchains is an independent matchmaker. Interchains monitors the performance of carriers so that you can rely on the best transport for your goods. In addition, we support you in optimizing your network through our consultancy services.