Laptop met webpagina van Interchains

New website Interchains launched

We are proud to announce, it is finished! The new website of Interchains is now online.

When starting a new company a professional website is a must have. To inform interested parties, we have used a small self-made website in the past six months. In order to show more professionalism we have chosen to have a solid website built.

Herder beeld en tekst

When developing logistic solutions we do it like no other, but developing a website was a bridge to far. After a several exploratory talks, we had the best feeling with Anne-lys Herder of Herder Beeld en Tekst. Anne-lys quickly understood our wishes and needs and made an appropriate proposal for the website. After a development period of 3 months we are very satisfied with the outcome, appearance and quality of the developed website.


Writing an appealing text is a profession, especially to get your own thoughts readable. Upon recommendation of Anne-lys we contacted Sussana Veenstra of Wurd. For Sussana the control tower was a completely new concept. When talking about the concept new ideas came to life for both parties. After a couple of brainstorm sessions Sussana delivered a text that could not define the control tower any better.

We would like to thank Anne-lys and Susanna for the new website. We are looking forward to use all the potential of our new website. With the completion of the new website we are able to inform you better. By using the ability to make an appointment for a live demo we can inform you on location about the possibilities of the control tower. When you are just curious about the control tower feel free to contact us.